Noise and Vibrations

Beacon Finland provides measurement and analysis as well as literature research service with regard to sources of excessive noise and vibration on vessels. Research and measurement of underwater noise is also covered.

The analysis performed provides the shipyard or ship-owner with a plan for eliminating excess noise and vibration as well as with details of material and equipment required.

The noise and vibration services are always tailored to satisfy the requirements of each individual case.

 Companies that have used the Noise and Vibration analysis services of Beacon Finland

As reference e.g. the following companies have used the noise and vibrations analysis services of Beacon Finland:

Aker Finnyards Project and classification design, consulting, strength and vibration calculation and analysis
Rolls-Royce Oy Ab Design, calculations and analysis of different propulsion designs
  Several vibration analyzes for intermediate shaft lines for azimuth propeller units.

Several vibration analyzes for propeller units internal gear systems including body, bearings shafts and propeller to avoid hammering on teeth, bearing damages as well as noise.