Design Consultation

Project Design and Consulting

The project design service is typically used by ship-owners for their invitations to tender and by shipyards for basic planning of new ships. Major areas of project design cover

  • General arrangement
  • Hull lines and design
  • Hull machinery and outfitting
  • Interior arrangement
  • Piping and electrical design

Beacon's project design methods are based on theoretical approach to naval architecture and a strong practical know-how.

Basic Design/Classification Material

Beacon's basic design concept includes

  • Hull classification documents
  • Space arrangements
  • System diagrams
  • Machinery
  • Electrical arrangements

This work can be further utilized to provide workshop drawings. Steel and aluminium as well as ice strengthened constructions are covered.

Workshop Drawings

Workshop drawings, if ordered, are provided by utilizing a network of partner companies.

Special Designs

Training Center for the Maritime School of RaumaThe picture shows a Training Center for the Maritime School of Rauma, which Beacon Finland designed

  • Training station for launch of lifeboats and life rafts;
    inclination up to ±15 deg.
  • Training station for mooring and anchoring
 The companies that have used the Design and Consultation services of Beacon Finland

The following companies have used the Design and Consultation services of Beacon Finland:

Aker Finnyards Project and classification design, consulting, strength and vibration calculation and analysis
Aker Offshore Design and calculations for the transfer of a ”Spar”- type rig onto the transportation vessel
Rolls-Royce Oy Ab Design and calculations of different propulsion systems
Rolls-Royce Oy Ab Offshore drill rig canisters; special design
Finnish Maritime Authority / Subsea 7 Modification and special design for multipurpose icebreakers
Finnish Navy Consulting, design, calculations
Hollming Shipping Project design, ship theory calculations
Fortum Modification of tugs to pushers