Company History

DawnBeacon Finland Ltd Oy is a naval architecture and marine consulting company. In addition, the company offers marine solutions based on its own design.

Four people founded Beacon Finland in 1987: Ms. Tuija Hörkkö, Mr. Raimo Majama, Mr. Pyry Vainio and Mr. Kurt Lindborg. The first one, Mrs. Tuija Hörkkö is still the owner of the company. All the founders had previously worked for shipyards and other marine companies. Due to their long experience and wide knowledge of naval architecture the company was able to provide solutions in naval architecture and marine consulting. Still today Beacon Finland is a privately owned, independent company.

The original business idea, naval architecture and marine consulting, was extended in the 1990s. Beacon Finland began the marketing of propeller nozzles and a new type of ATB (articulated tug-barge) coupling system, the original JAK® ATB Coupling System. Mr. Jaakko Kallio, whose name is the base for the JAK® brand, invented the system. Beacon Finland and Mr. Kallio agreed, that the company would have exclusive rights to the invention and the brand JAK®.

During the years, Beacon Finland has further developed the JAK® ATB Coupling System. The system has proven its reliability and is now one of the most popular ATB coupling systems in the world. The JAK® ATB Coupling System comes in many different sizes and types to suit different sizes of tugs and barges.

Another main phase in the evolution of the company began in 1997, when the idea of a Retractable Thruster Canister was implemented. The very first canisters were installed into two drillships. The concept enables to retract the azimuth thruster vertically into the maintenance position inside the ship. Beacon Finland has currently a number of patents pending on different design details for different types of canisters. The success story of the Retractable Thruster Canister has only begun.

Naval architecture is still one of the main activities of Beacon Finland. Many different types and sizes of escort tugs, harbor tugs and other work boats around the world are designed by Beacon Finland. At present, the company is expanding its strength analysis and ship theory services in response to the growing demand.